Animal Flow Workout

AniFlow200x350BTell me this doesn’t fit into the category of bodyweight exercise. The animal flow workout is catching on. It’s not for everyone but I’ll tell you this. If you are dedicated enough to do these workouts, take some before and after pictures.

Animal Flow Workouts 

I’ll have to admit to you that some of these exercises – I can’t do. It doesn’t matter though because the ones I’m capable of doing more than make up for it.

BodyWeight Exercises

Obviously you do bodyweight exercises or are at least thinking about adding them to your workout routine or you wouldn’t be here. Well I have good news for you.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual fitness forecast,bodyweight exercise workouts were named the top trend for 2015. And the NY Times just admitted that your workouts MUST be high-intensity and that weight training is good for weight loss.


Listen, I admit I do some dumbbell training a couple times a week but only for about 5 minutes. The rest of my routine includes chin ups, pull ups, hindu push ups, dive bombers and, reluctantly, burpees. I also use a swissball.

So if you enjoy doing bodyweight exercises, you are on the right track.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain-climbersMountain climbers are another exercise that works your upper body as well as your  legs while you get a full aerobic workout.

You can see that you get into a push up position and then start alternating bringing your knees up to your chest. You don’t want to go too fast and actually you won’t be able to at first anyway.

When you add these mountain climbers and burpees to your workout, you’ll be cussing me out but your body will get the workout it needs to get you fit fast.


Say burpees to people who exercise regularly and they might just start crying. This is one of the best overall  bodyweight exercises you can do that not only gives you strength training benefits but also gives you an aerobic benefit.

I hate them but I do them. This guys going a little fast but you get the idea. Stand shoulder width apart and reach for the ceiling. Drop down to a push up position and kick your legs back like you are going to do a push up.

A variation of this is to actually do a push up. Don’t get mad. Just keep it in mind for when you feel like really kicking your butt.

Now jump back to the start of the push up position and jump straight up and reach for the sky again partner.

Did you like that? Now do them twenty times. I’ll wait. :-)


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